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January 11, 2016

It’s here: our concealed tank toilet!

Style should never hide. And in the case of our contemporary new concealed tank, hiding the tank actually adds to your bathroom’s style. Orders yours today!

Our concealed tank is an obvious beauty.

Fine Fixtures is always the first with the latest, and our striking new concealed tank is a real headliner. The concealed design means it’s built right into your bathroom wall, and we’re confident you’ll be as excited about it as we are. Not only does this style make cleaning your bathroom much easier, having it hidden behind bathroom tiles creates a beautiful, minimalist look for the most contemporary of bathrooms.

It’s a natural extension of the premium Fine Fixtures lineup, crafted by the finest materials and sourced from reliable manufacturers who’ve been in the business for years. Best of all, its durable construction promises to keep your bathroom functional and attractive for decades to come.

We now have two tank models already in stock: CT04, for a minimum 4”-thick wall (2x4 studs), and CT06, for a minimum 6”-thick wall (2x6 studs). While these tanks are compatible with most wall-hung toilet brands, we have our own compatible model: WT10W (see photo below) now in stock. We’ll also have the four additional styles in stock (see photos),  by  April 11, 2016.

To place your order today contact us at 718.602.6060.