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December 29, 2015

Say Hello to Our New Apron Bathtub! 

Finally here by popular demand: our beautiful, one-piece tub with apron. The sleek, innovative design you’ve been asking for is finally here. Order yours today!

One piece, two words: Apron Bathtub

In response to popular demand, we’re excited to present you the latest addition to our bathtub collection: our beautiful, one-piece tub with apron. If you wanted a skirt design until today, you had to choose from our drop-in or Alcove-type bathtubs with an optional skirt (apron). This new bathtub comes readymade with the apron included, bringing you a complete package.

Customer feedback on both our drop-in and Alcove-style bathtubs has been great. You all loved the premium acrylic, gorgeous fiberglass finish, and flawless craftsmanship. That’s why our new apron bathtub features the same exquisite construction; it’s nothing less than a magnificent statement piece.

Like our other styles, our apron bathtub sits on raised legs, leaving room for the trip lever and making installation totally effortless. The legs are adjustable on one side, allowing for any slope in the bathroom floor and ensuring a level tub.

We are currently fully stocked on the 60” x 30” x 21 ½” size. A beautiful bathroom is one of the finest luxuries, and this new style is guaranteed to take your comfort and elegance to the next level.

To place your order today contact us at 718.602.6060.

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