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Custom Solutions

We can make anything that’s made of wood.

That’s our attitude towards custom jobs at Fine Fixtures. There are no limitations to our design and manufacturing capabilities of quality vanity and medicine cabinets, as we can build practically any size and style vanity you request. The only prerequisite is that the panels be made of wood.

It is this customer-centered promise that has turned Fine Fixtures into a mecca for custom bathroom furniture and fixtures. Contractors and developers trust our in-house craftsmen to deliver an end product to their exact specifications and expectations. We also work closely with designers to manufacture one-of-a-kind vanities for private homes and estates.

In 2014 alone, Fine Fixtures furnished over 1,000 housing units and living spaces with customized bathroom and kitchen furniture. We are eager to focus on your project next, and fulfill any special order you may have. With the minimum quantity for customized jobs being just 25 pieces, contractors of all sizes can tap into this great service.

For your convenience and final product inspection, we provide you with a proper sample before you finalize your order. You can thus ensure that we get all the details right, and that your order will be exactly as you need it to be.

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